Roland Hanna lives and breathes New York. No. You do not understand how much Roland loves New York. He is a Knicks fan because there is no reason to be a Nets fans. He has chosen between the Rangers and Islanders, and he feels strongly about that. He has chosen between the Mets and Yankees, and he has chosen between the Giants and Jets.

These choices will never change, and Roland always goes to the same deli and market. He goes to the same bookstore, and he places the same order to get coffee. He goes to his favorite park and the same bar every day, and often wonders why he cannot meet new people.

Roland takes the same train or bus every day, and goes by the same places every day musing about how the city always changes. He remembers that scene from You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan says the city is great because you can never count on it. However, Roland complain when something changes on their route.

Roland would never go to a tourist area, and he would never be caught dead at popular spots because he knows a place that is so much better. He goes by every location shot in the city and complains about how the movie misrepresents the city, and he will never go to the Empire State Building because he does not want to be in the middle of Sleepless in Seattle.

Roland works a lot and goes out late. He is willing to get coffee early in the morning, and he has drinks way too late in the local bar. Each part of Roland is a contradiction and a common refrain.