The best places to eat in New York City are spread all over the place. You might go to every neighborhood in the city just for one meal, but there are some places that will host you better than others. Try each of these places just to see all that the city has to offer.


Soho is the upper class haven in New York where you see every expensive apartment and place to eat. However, there are some nice places to eat in this area because the people who live there can afford expensive food. The restaurants range from French to gastropubs, and each of them makes it interesting when their menus stray from the norm.


Harlem is the home of soul food that has been brought to New York. The soul food culture did not start in the south, but it has been expanded. You find southern and northern cuisine in Harlem, and you find little establishments that make the city feel like home.

Little Italy

Little Italy, of course, has many different Italian joints from upscale bistros to pizza places. Little Italy is a place where people who have the Italian heritage experiment in their food. They often make pizzas that are off the map, and they make pasta that you eat just outside their window. They make sandwiches you fall in love with, and they make paninis that you eat right there at the food stand.


Chinatown has every kind of Chinese food and snack you can imagine, and that food ranges from the very nice to the cup of noodles you get on the street corner. You need to take a walk through Chinatown because all the people who work and live in this area invite you in like you are family. They want you to feel like you are at home, and they feed you like you just sat down at home. Portions are large in Chinatown, and you can try everything from ramen to the upscale egg roll and Peking Duck.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is not a kitchen so much as it is a collection of buildings that are a part of the Marvel Universe. It has many great bars and little diners in it that you might have seen on TV, and you eat well for very little money. This is one of the lesser developed neighborhoods in the city, and you must walk down the street planning to turn into the first place you see. There are many dives that you would not try at any other time, but their food is perfect.


The city of New York feeds you well when you walk into each of the neighborhoods listed above. Of course, you can eat well on Times Square, and you will eat well in a place like Brooklyn or the Bronx. These are simply the best places to go because they help you eat well among the locals who have established eateries for the locals.