Why Dog Crates Are a Must-Have for the Apartment

Living in an apartment with a man’s best friend can be challenging. Oftentimes, there isn’t enough room to properly confine your pet while training important lessons such as toileting and relaxing while you are away. Using a crate is essential for those with dogs, especially when it comes to apartment dwellers. But first, what exactly is a crate? 

Comfortable Crate or Cramped Cage?

Those who picture crates often think of dog whimpering in a cold steel cage. This has been a common misconception when it comes to crates. By definition, a dog crate is an enclosure that will keep a dog securely contained until let out. These come in a variety of designs, most of which are made with the dog’s comfort in mind. When properly introduced, a dog crate can be a safe haven for you and your dog. 

How to Introduce Your Pup to a Crate

When purchasing a crate for your dog, make sure that it is the appropriate size. Your dog should be able to easily turn around in it and lie down. Make this place cozy by placing blankets and water inside. When having your dog interact with the crate, make sure that it is a positive experience with lots of praise and a calm voice. This should represent their place of peaceful rest after all. 

Now that we are aware of basics when it comes to crates, why are they so important for dogs living in apartments? Read on to find out why this might benefit your pup. 

1. A Peace of Mind For You

When you have to leave your dog alone in the apartment, it is easy to worry about what might happen in your absence. Your dog might chew on furniture or go through the trash. Crates allow you to safely and comfortably confine your dog while you cannot supervise them. The Pampered Pup has a great article on some of the best crates you can find, especially for dogs that love to chew and for those escape artists.

2. Give Your Dog a Den of Their Own

Now we know that dogs were domesticated long ago, but this does not mean that they lack those instincts. One wild trait that we find in Fido is that they like to have a place of their own or a den. A crate is just that if introduced in the right way. This structure becomes a place that they want to hang out in when needing some space. 

3. Potty Training

Training your dog or puppy how to relieve themselves is a nightmare, especially when it comes to those living in apartments. Remember how we mentioned that a crate often resembles a den? Well, it turns out that most animals, including dogs and ourselves, do not like to urinate their den. By choosing to potty train in a crate, you are already setting your dog up for success. 

4. Confining Your Dog When Stressful Situations Arise

An apartment is usually associated with a cramped living area. Let’s say that you invite your friends over and they have a child, but your dog is afraid of the added commotion. Instead of locking your dog in a room where they will become more stressed, a crate is a great alternative. The crate offers a place to retreat to when there are stressors in your apartment. Without this confined area, your dog might have to reside in a cramped room where they can become anxious and destroy the house. 

As shown above, confining your dog in a crate that is comfortable can be a loving option for apartment life. As with any living situation, it is important to take your dog out of the crate when you are able to supervise them. Simply leave the door open so that they can retreat to their den if need be. A dog crate offers a sense of peace for both you and your dog, making it essential for apartment living.