Electric Skateboards Making Way Into New York Life

The loud crowds, the constant hustle and bustle found in the streets of New York City, to visitors this might seem like a new and enchanted world. However, to those who hold jobs and are not just in the Big Apple for fun find the crowds and often times the transportation difficult to get through when in a hurry to get to work, a meeting, a party etc. With the new and innovative electric skateboards, New York City has become even more easy to navigate and travel around.

The first electric skateboard was created in 1997 by Louie Finkle but did not reach wide audiences until 2013 and now today,the electric skateboard can be seen just about anywhere with a wide variety of people finding incredible uses for it. In a city such as New York, the electric skateboard has become especially popular.

The electric skateboard is powered by a battery and is controlled by a remote or an app can occasionally be downloaded to control it from a phone as well (check out www.bestelectricskateboard.review for more details). This innovative board can travel from twelve to fifteen miles per hour. That speed is triple of what the average 3.1 miles walked per hour. In the Big Apple, where everything is traveled to by taxi, subway, or foot, it is easy to see why these have been such a big hit. The rate and the ease of traveling has reached new heights.

Not only is the electric skateboard easy to ride and travel on, but it saves money. It’s common knowledge that no subway or taxi ride is free, and after time it can add up, and for those few people who own their own car in New York City, things can add up quickly not only with money, but also time.

The New York City 30-day unlimited metro pass cost about $1,452 per year. While the electric skateboard might seem like a big chunk of money at first, with boards on the high-end being about $500, the total energy cost and cost of the board comes to about $543 per year. Riding the metro everyday costs you almost three times as much. Not to mention the time spend traveling or the pain of hailing a taxi.

Understanding the convenience, ease, and savings in time and money, make it clear why these electric skateboards have become a big source of transportation as well as recreational activity. These boards can not only make the commute to work easier, but allow you to enjoy central park and other places of exploration more relaxing. It’s hard to go wrong with the electric skateboard.

The Top Places To Avoid In New York City

There are a lot of places in New York City that are great to visit, but you also have to know that you need to avoid some places because they are so bad for you to visit. You might not have known that this would be a place with spots to avoid, but you can pick them out pretty easily if you just make a few choices that will be simpler for you.

There are some people who think that going to Times Square is the best thing of all time, but it is literally one of the worst places to go. You cannot go to Times Square because it is always crowded, and there is too much traffic. It is one of the loudest places in the world, and you cannot enjoy it because it just does not really do anything for you other than deafen you.

You also need to avoid places like the new tower because it is all tourists. That makes it so hard for you to enjoy it because people are constantly milling around. They sort of crowd up the oplace, and that makes it harder for you to like it. This also means that you cannot have a real kind of spiritual experience here because it is flooded with people.

You cannot go to SoHo unless you want to have a lot of rich people run you over while they are shopping. It might look nice, but it is not going to be a good place for you to go because you will only see overpriced shops and restaurants that are too expensive. You could find a lot of nice places to go, but you will never get anything out of this place unless you want to spend your life savings on a handbag.

There are people who are going to Hell’s Kitchen all the time now because they want to get the experience that they get in the Marvel shows, but they are going to run into tourists everywhere. You have to go to the places that will be much better for you and quiet. If you cannot do that, you will be out in the open with all the people who are making it so hard for you to have a fun because these people are so much more loud and just taking pictures and getting in the way.

Knowing what to do will make it so much easier for you to get what you need, and then you will avoid places that are just too hard for you to come to and actually enjoy. That also means that you will not have fun because you are swamped with tourists who are loud.